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Fiat 124 Spider 2017+
Fiat 124 Spider 2017+
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Made from two color, black on white 1.5mm acrylic with 3D printed frame. To install this plate, all you need to do is remove or...

£34.96(Inc VAT at 20%)

4th Gen MX-5 Miata from 2016 - 2023 Wind Blows Don't let having a drop-top mean you're never going to have a conversation th...

£130.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

This device will keep ACC power (accessory power) enabled until driver side door is opened or for 10 minutes after engine was...

£89.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

This harness is designed to provide an easy access to the parking light wires for the additional LED strip or Wind Blocker illum...

£26.95(Inc VAT at 20%)

3" wire harness, for plug-n-play installation of ballast resistors for LED conversion; allows you to keep factory wires intact. O...

£36.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

This is the add-on OBD-II device. It will produce warning sounds through an Instrument Cluster buzzer, if the turn signal is lef...

£79.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Illumination kit for Acrylic Wind Blocker

This is the illumination kit for the acrylic wind blockers (4.5mm acrylic). LED enclosure 3D printed from black ABS.  Cab...

£50.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

CENTRAL CONSOLE SHELF IS MADE FROM ALUMINUM, WITH A BLACK SILICONE COATING. Central Console Shelf will fit in the compartment bet...

£29.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
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